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Skippered Sailing Holidays in the Caribbean

Trinidad > Martiniqe

December 7 – 19, 2024

Set sail with Sailing Dutchman on a Skippered Sailing Holidays in the Caribbean through the enchanting waters of the Grenadines, the picturesque landscapes of Grenada, the vibrant culture of Trinidad.

Join us to explore these captivating Caribbean destinations, each offering its own unique charm and experiences. From the turquoise waters and pristine beaches of the Grenadines to the lush greenery and spice-laden air of Grenada, lively mix of cultures in Trinidad and Martinique – French slice in the Caribbean – our journey promises a blend of relaxation, exploration, and cultural immersion.


The Underwater Sculpture Park
Life-size figures on the bottom of the sea
Beautiful nature and French vibes
Salt Whistle Bay
An oasis of tranquility, golden beach, and turquoise water
The Pittons
Twin volcanic spires raising from the sea
Tobago Cays
Snorkelling among coral reefs and turtles
St Vincent
Pirate vibes and wild beautiful nature

Our Catamaran

AKUA AMINATA – 44 ft catamaran – combining great sailing experience with comfort.


Day 1: Embarkation at Akua Aminata

All guests will be welcomed between 5 – 6 pm with a refreshing cocktail at AKUA AMINATA board. The skipper will introduce the sailing itinerary, safety rules, and the living arrangements on the catamaran. Then we will do some shopping for the next few days and go together to marina for dinner.

Day 2: Trinidad > Grenada

It will be lazy day for you and long day for skipper as it is the longest stretch to sail. We sail to Grenada – a green, mountainous island discovered by Columbus in 1498. The lingering aroma of spices over Grenada earned the island the title of the ‘Spice Isle.’ Large-scale cultivation of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, ginger, and turmeric is carried out here. As one of the local legends goes, a doctor who arrived in Grenada from the East Indies flavored the local rum with nutmeg. The residents were delighted. Today, Grenada ranks second in the world in nutmeg cultivation, and its fruit even appears on the national flag.

Day 3: Grenada

Today we will rest after long sailing day. It’s perfect time to discover Grenada on optional tour and snorkel in the Underwater Sculpture Park, created by sculptor and environmentalist Jason Decaires Taylor, was installed in 2006. On 800 m2, about 30 meters below sea level, 75 life-size human figures were placed on the ocean floor. As a result of the action of water and the natural surroundings, the sculptures are constantly evolving, creating an unforgettable sight.

Day 4: Grenada > Carriacou

After breakfest, we will sail to Carriacou, which belongs to Grenada. It is an extrmely charming island with typical Caribbean vibes, live music and friendly people. The best way to visit Carriacaou is to hop on a local bus which doesn’t have a standard itinerary, but that makes the trip even more exciting:)

Day 5: Carriacau > Union Island

Union Island is often called “Happy island”. The best way to experience this place is to rent a motorbike. There are no long distances, no heavy traffic, but a plenty of surprises, such as cows on the beach or an unexpected end of the main road. If you like windsuring, this is the best place in the Caribbean to make your dream come true. In the evening, we will visit the iconic Happy Island bar – a man made island – the best place to get happy in the Grenadines.

Day 6: Union Island > Mayreau

Mayreau is the smallest island in the Grenadines, covering only 3.8 km2 and inhabited by about 300 residents. Our catamaran will anchor at the stunning Salt Whistle Bay, a naturally sheltered cove with golden sand and beautiful turquoise water.
In the afternoon, we can take a walk up the hill to see the Catholic church and admire the breathtaking view of the Tobago Cays and in the evening it’s worhy to ask Donna to organise dinner on the beach with local cuisine.  So far, there has been no one who was not delighted with both – the atmosphere and the food:)

Day 7: Mayreau > Tobago Cays

Today, there’s no need to rush. We can enjoy bathing in Salt Whistle Bay to our heart’s content, and then we’ll sail towards Tobago Cays, which are essentially just around the corner from Mayreau, about 30 minutes of sailing away.

Tobago Cays is an archipelago of five tiny, uninhabited islets known as the “jewels in the crown” of the southern Grenadines, thanks to their beautiful golden beaches and coral reefs. We will anchor within the Tobago Cays Marine Park, which is surrounded by a double horseshoe-shaped coral reef, creating an exceptionally calm and shallow water. Snorkeling and admiring the coral reef and turtles here is a true pleasure.

The highlight of this wonderful day is an evening Lobster Beach BBQ, where you can mingle with a lot of different people from other boats and have a great time!

Day 8: Tobago Cays > Bequia

Bequia, known as the “Big Little Island,” the second largest island in the Grenadines with an area of 18 km2. For those who want to discover the island we recommend to take a ride on the local transportation, a type of windowless taxi that can accommodate 8 people, and explore the most interesting places on the island, including the ruins of Fort Hamilton and enjoy the beautiful view of Admiral Bay from the hill where it is located. After the ride, relax at the Randevouz bar and enjoy cold, local beer.

Day 9: Bequia > St Vincent

Today, we will arrive at St. Vincent, the largest island in the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Our destination is Wallilabou Bay, which will welcome us with props from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, as scenes for “The Curse of the Black Pearl” and “Dead Man’s Chest” were filmed here.

Day 10: St Vincent > St Lucia

After breakfast and morning swimming we set sails towards St Lucia, Pitons Bay. Two twin volcanic peaks rising from the sea, which are featured on the flag of St. Lucia, will surely captivate everyone.

Day 11: St Lucia: Soufriere > Rodney Bay

If you want to visit St Lucia, we recommend a walk to  Diamond Botanical Gardens, where the beauty and lush greenery of the tropics provide a backdrop to the Diamond Waterfall and then taxi to  Sulphur Springs, the hottest and most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles, where you can enjoy a mud bath followed by refreshing dip in Pitons Falls

Day 12: St Lucia > Martinique

We sail to Martinique, which is called a French slice at the Caribbean. Our port of call is Marina Le Marin. We will probably have our last dinner in the Kokoa Rum, one of our favorite places to eat and have fun.

Day13: – Disembarkation

The check out from the boat is at 10am so you will have a lot of time to catch your flight home.

Optional trips and attractions

Tobago Cays & Grenada

Lobster Barbecue
on the beach
Belomont Estate
Spice Tour


Asa Wright
Nature Center
Port of Spain
Pitch Lake

The Price

1.895 € per person

What is included

  • Accomodation in a shared cabin
  • Professional skipper
  • Boat insurance
  • Bed linen and towels
  • BBQ
  • Dinghy with outboard engine

Not included:

  • On board cash for food, drinks, fuel, marina fees
  • Flights
  • Optional tours

Food and Drinks on board

We will get groceries for breakfast and lunch trying to take individual wishes and preferences into account as much as possible. Meals on board are prepared by the guests. If desired, guests can cook on board in the evening, but experience has shown that usually guests want to enjoy dinner ashore in one of the cozy restaurant or tavern.
It’s common practice that guests pay for the Skipper

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